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China's Plastic Ban Will Flood Us With Trash | Smart News .

Jun 21, 2018 . New study reports China's ban on importing foreign plastic could cripple global recycling programs and lead to 111 million tons of homeless.

New US tariffs on China include more resins | Plastics News

Jun 18, 2018 . Plastics seems to be taking a larger place in the US-China trade conflict, with the Trump administration announcing new tariffs 15 June that are.

Plastics Pile Up as China Refuses to Take the West's Recycling .

Jan 11, 2018 . The United States exports more than 13.2 million tons of scrap paper and 1.42 million tons of scrap plastics annually to China, the Institute of.

Now That China Has Refused To Recycle The West's Plastics . - NPR

Jun 28, 2018 . For more than 25 years, many developed countries, including the U.S., have been sending massive amounts of plastic waste to China instead.

U.S.-China trade war hits plastics industry | PlasticsToday

Apr 5, 2018 . U.S. to tax processing machinery and tooling imports; China takes it out on selected resins and processed products.

US-China Trade War will Impact Plastics Industry – Bioplastics News

Jul 16, 2018 . The trade will impact the plastics industry. Chinese plastic products, materials and equipment are included on the latest lists of goods that will.

Now that China doesn't want it, our plastic is piling up | MNN .

Jul 12, 2018 . Several months into China's ban on most waste imports, a new study paints a sobering yet optimistic view of how we need to handle our plastic.

Forget the trade war, China won't take our plastic anymore .

Jul 10, 2018 . While speculation about the trade war with China reaches a fevered pitch, its most glaring consequence concerns an export that ended months.

China ban on plastic waste will displace 111 million . - USA Today

Jun 21, 2018 . Plastic waste ban means the U.S. and other countries exporting it to China will need to find new ways to handle the disposal of their trash as.

U.S. and China enact opposing tariffs - Plastics Recycling Update

Jul 11, 2018 . U.S. - China trade Tariffs have taken effect on machinery, components and billions of dollars of additional products imported into the U.S. from.