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Assembling a "Bird's Mouth" Hollow Mast - Ross Lillistone Wooden .

Apr 13, 2011 . Most of the masts that I make are built hollow using the so called "Bird's Mouth" technique. This is just a development of a vast range of similar.

Building hollow wooden mast - YouTube

Jul 25, 2012 . Building a new mast mizen mast. The old one has rot in some places and also the cable for the vhf antena radio was broken so needed to be.

(Wooden) Mast. - The Junk Rig Association

hollow. After having read through this, you should not feel quite as lost if you want to rig a boat between 1 and 10 tons with a wooden mast. Malena 1994, 6.

Wooden Mast and Spar building - DIY Wood Boat

Wooden Mast and Spar building for your wooden boat, comparing solid wood spars with hollow spar making techniques.

making an 18 foot wooden mast | Boat Design Net

For an 18 foot mast, I am just wondering if it would be just fine to use two pieces of wood, use a router to hollow out what will be the inside,.

Building hollow wooden mast . Finished - YouTube

Aug 24, 2012 . the mizzen mast for my boat is finished and ready to be put up. It was interesting doing it and a lot of work but in the end is paid of. I added a.

Hollow Wooden Mast - Joe Calnan

After exploring making a grown mast from a spruce tree and building a laminated solid mast, it was eventually decided to go with a hollow douglas fir mast.

A “New” Method for Hollow Wooden Mast Construction .

Apr 2, 2014 . Mast Section from step to spreaders, 9 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ outside dimensions. I have developed a “new” mast construction method for use on light-.

Hollow Mast Wood | Boat Design Net

I thought I'd ask about this on a new thread. Not specific design details but question about lighter wood vs using thinner, stronger, heavier wood.

Hollow Wooden Masts | WoodenBoat Magazine

Hollow Wooden Masts. by Reuel Parker. November 18, 2013. For many millennia, sailboat masts have been made from trees. Trees are an obvious choice,.