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Sep 1, 2014 . Once your ply is neatly in place, you'll have a great surface on which to install your new floor. The method of installation you choose will.

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But if you have a weak subfloor that flexes up and down when walked on I . on it would be advisable to add an additional layer of 3/8" or 1/2" thick plywood.

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Jan 20, 2010 . Whats the preferred method of installing a 5/8" of T&G Plywood over a 5/8" T&G OSB subfloor ? My OSB Subfloor is in good condition.

Plywood Underlayment - Pros and Cons, Types, and Brands

Apr 26, 2018 . Plywood underlayment, installed under your floor covering, will . to a floor's strength and make it possible to use costlier materials such . Strictly speaking, the subfloor is the relatively thick, structural layer that rests directly on.

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Plywood and OSB have a strength axis that should run across the joists. . the upper layers will not deform as quickly, but will not add to the.

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If your home has particleboard subfloors instead of plywood subfloors, you may want . In that case, it's a good idea to lay plywood over the particleboard before.

How to Lay a Subfloor | how-tos | DIY experts show how to install a subfloor in preparation for tile flooring. . Bring in the cement board and lay it down on the plywood (Image 1).

How to Put Thick Plywood Over a Sub Floor in a Mobile Home .

If the floor in your mobile home is becoming spongy or creaks excessively, one solution is to add a new layer on top of the existing sub floor. This solution is.