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Special Connection Requirements for Braced Wall Panels . ... У: Each 32” alternate braced wall panel may be substituted for a 48” braced wall panel of another.

Introduction to Wall Bracing

The building codes (IBC and IRC) use the terms braced wall panel and braced .. (c) Alternate braced wall segments (IRC R602.10.6) are permitted in one story.

APA Simplified Wall Bracing Method

APA Simplified Wall Bracing Method offers a simpler solution for wall bracing. . Wall Bracing Method calls for continuously sheathed wood structural panel . by IRC Sections R301.1.3 Engineering Design and R104.11 Alternate materials,.

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Method ABW braced wall panels shall be constructed in accordance with Figure R602.10.6.1. The hold-down force shall be in accordance with Table.

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Floor to floor and floor to roof heights of bearing walls and braced panels shall not .. For calculating the length of braced wall panel, a 2'8” wide alternate panel.

TABLE R602.10.1(1)a,b,c (Supp) WALL BRACING a. Wall bracing .

Methods of bracing shall be as described in Sections R602.10.2 and R602.10.4.1. The alternate braced wall panels described in Section R602.10.3.2 shall also.

2012 IRC Wall Bracing Provisions

Explain method wood structural panel, method structural fiberboard sheathing, and method gypsum board. • Describe alternate braced wall panels, portal.

Conventional Light Frame Wall Bracing

Wall bracing is used to protect life by minimizing structural damage to a building in freak . Method ABW: Alternate Braced wall panels shall be constructed in.


ALTERNATE BRACED WALL PANEL. (ABP 1800# AND 3000#) IRC R602.10.3.2. 1800# ABP. Minimum 2'8” panel width. Max.imum10'0” height. 3/8” APA rated.

Example of Alternate Braced Panel

per panel – 1800# ea. min. installed as per manufacture. 1/4. 1/4. Concrete foundation continuous across the entire length of the braced wall line. Foundation.