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Our food is fresh, tasty and fun.
Delicious ingredients to have it your way..

Choose from 

                           Burritos ~ Tacos ~ Nachos ~ Quesadillas ~ Salads ~ Nakeds                    

Chipotle Grilled Chicken  from £5.95
Slow cooked honey pulled Pork  from £5.95
Marinated Mex chilli Beef  from £6.95
Griiled Vegetables  from £5.95

then choose from:
Cilantro or Tomato Rice
Black Turtle Beans or Refried Pinto Beans

Pico de Gallo ~ Mild
Green Tomatillo - Medium
Habanero & Scotch Bonnet ~ Hot
Sour Cream ~ Cool

Super food Guacamole £1 (free for the veggies)
+ crisp lettuce, tomatoes, sweetcorn & hot jalapenos

Chilli Or Salted Tortillas Corn Chips  from £1.50
With Salsas  from £2.50
With Guacamole from £2.95

Burrito + Chips + Refillable Soft Drink
*Beef £1  extra
*Guacamole £1 extra (free for the veggies)

All dishes with the exception of sour cream and cheese are dairy free

To order email or call us on

Kings Cross Branch :
10 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DU: 020 7278 0075

Delivery: We'd love to deliver to your office, just call and let us know where and we'll tell you if we can get there! Orders must be placed  before 10.30am for lunch time delivery.

Simply fill in the ORDER FORM

Parties: Always! We love Parties, have one here! Let us cater your party.

Pickup: Pop down and pick up your fresh burrito, prepared right in front of you.