Discover reinvented loyalty
Klikin is our loyalty application to give you the best out of your experience with us and give you rewards for your loyalty.

Download the application here - available on both Play Store and App Store -

Here is some history on Klikin:

"Since our beginning, in May 2012, our only goal has been to get businesses and consumers to know each other and interact better.

For this purpose, in December 2012, we launched version 1.0 of our app, which allowed the owner or person in charge of a business to know more about their clients (their likes, opinions, etc…) and find out what would motivate them to visit their establishment more often. For the consumer, Klikin meant an unprecented source of commercial information in the palm of their hand, which allowed them to know the information of all the businesses around them and, what was most revolutionary, to locate and enjoy exclusive promotional offers for that customer.

During 2013 we learned from our experience and listened to the needs that businesses and consumers shared with us. Businesses require a program that helps them to reinforce their relationship with their clients and attract new loyal clients. Consumers want to obtain advantages such as prices for being loyal to their favorite businesses, through a unique and easy-to-use solution. Our reinvented loyalty program was born as a response to all of that.

Version 2.0 of Klikin which was born in November 2013, allows the consumer to accumulate kliks in their regular businesses and exchange them for advantages designed especially for them, simply by downloading the app on their mobile and interacting with the tablet in the establishments. For the business, on the other hand, it provides tools to better know their clients and creates a bond with them which motivates them to visit that business more often. Furthermore, it allows them to attract new clients through promotions and gifts (snaks) which introduce their business to the klikers."
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